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Zum Gschupftn Ferdl - Mark Glassner, Kollektiv Fischka, Zoe Opratko
Biomat - Dreamstrime (Juan Moyano, Liv Friis-larsen, Pongphan Ruengchai, Vichaya Kiatying-angsulee, Anphotos and Bert Folsom)
Freshly Baked - Severin Wurnig Photography
Absolut Vodka Workshop - Marcell Nimführ, Kollektiv FischkaTea Set Editions- Severin Wurnig Photography
Lifeline - Rado, Kollektiv Fischka
The Third Space - Oliver Sachs
Teame Tea Sets - Severin Wurnig Photography
Double Wall Tea Jug - Severin Wurnig Photography, Paris Tsitsos
Eva - Hannes Pirschtl Photographie
Food Storing Units - Katharina Gossow