RADO Store Vienna

One flowing fabric, one motor, one rail and one fan combine a floating satin scarf, that flies through the room in wavy rhythm. Underneath, the Rado watches appear paradoxically static despite being great work of moving components. That´s the exact contradiction that the designer wanted to illustrate.

15.5. - 14.6.2013

Academy of Fine Arts Munich

On the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the Academy of Fine Arts Munich, this 200qm installation was built out of more than one million recyclable cable ties by Vera Wiedermann and 51 other students in about 16.000 hours of work.

Pinakothek der Moderne, München 15.02.2008 - 18.05.2008 | Ostrale, Dresden 05. - 14.09 2008 | Designers Saturday, Langenthal-Schweiz 8.- 9.11.2008 | Architekturforum Aedes, Berlin  17.04.2009 - 04.06.2009