Vienna Design Week 2011

Lifestyle, culture and individual identity is defined through food and its preperation. These days great effort of creativity and experimental thinking is put into the gestalt of our food. Therefore we lose the sensual value for unprocessed viands.
To accomplish this problem we need to avoid assoziations, entertainment and artificial sound to remember the poetry of original food.
Vera Wiedermann deals with nutrition in a poetical way. Instead of bread and cake power transmiting viands like corn, starch, sugar, and even proteins may be consumed in a laboratory of food. At the same time entertaining machines and unfamiliar noises are used in a curtail hands-on style. Quotes concerning this topic and a tumultuous storm in the bakery demonstrate, that it is high time to look into the methode we convert staple food.

Bäckerei Frühbauer
30.9. - 9.10.2011



During Vienna Design Week 2011 a workshop for Absolut Vodka was conceived.
 The invited participients had the opportunity to design their own vodka bottle by using a wooden board, brushes, mortar, different crops and potato starch. 
Those tools replaced the normal plates, cutlery and meals used by an arranged dinner. For the designer it was important to considerate that so much creativity and experimentation is put into the gestalt of food and she pointed out the sensual value of stable food.