EVA basic set - Grey

... for natural storing of food

Handmade limited edition of unique colour samples.
The price of every individual colour is based on the specific quality of each sample. The GREY basic bowl is an A-Class sample.

1 Set consists of
- 1 ceramic bowl,
- 1 enamel sieve

A large part of the energy consumed in every household is used for preparing and storing food. The effects of our energy and food consumption on climate change is topic in all media.

At the same time the preservation, storage and preparation methods of the generations before artificial cooling systems were invented are forgotten. 

Fruit and vegetables do not need to be put into the fridge, but love it humid and cool as they mostly consist of water.

Crops get disconntected from their natural water supply during harvest. Exposed to the air and evaporation, they tend to wither and dry out. Due to a special evaporation principle inside Eva bowls the fruit stays fresh and can be stored naturally outside the fridge.

amount of water needed for evaporation process: 3 cups;
fruit and vegetable storage:
approx. 3-4 kg;

Materials: enamel, ceramic
patented, all rights reserved


Type: Eva bowl set    
Vendor: MOA Eating Products
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